Letter from Yeshua the Nazarene

Letter from Yeshua the Nazarene

To all residents of the lands, who know me and my teaching:
The teaching of peace must be conveyed as soon as possible.
The creation cries out to awaken to its reality.
It is in your power to move humanity towards its glad awakening to the knowledge of the truth.
A Course in Miracles, conveyed by me, is a key to awakening.
However, it is not enough at this time.

We must come together, my brothers, for the sake of bringing the teaching of peace to the earth.
Sarat Hashalom is entrusted with the dissemination of my teaching.
Let us not delay anymore.
Earthly resources are needed to assist the Peace of Heaven Foundation in fulfilling its function:
The dissemination of the Teaching of Peace by Yeshua the Nazarene.

Therefore I ask for the donation of earthly resources for this purpose.

Bank details for transfers:

The first international bank of Israel
Swift code:firbilitxxx
Iban: IL220310930000000209341

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