Miracle Workers – Miracles in Thought

8 May 2022 – Miracles in Thought

“This program is for strengthening the minds.
This program is for bringing peace.
Training the mind was necessary, as multiple returns to the dream world
are the default of the split mind, that is not aware of the possibility to choose, and even if it is, this possibility escapes it
to the extent of disappearing altogether.

The processes of learning embedded in training the mind were
and still are necessary in a state of split, intransigent mind,
and indeed, my brothers, in this program I will take you upward.
Miracle workers are very much needed at this time, because the process
of recognition must change immeasurably in its making.
Recognition that is united with God must become a natural state,
and the changing of the mind must be done wholly and perpetually.
Therefore I shall take you to the mind training that joins all the minds to one
in a way where His Unity is perfect,
and enables conveying its unification to the earth.

My children, my students, your response is important and needed.
Your consent will be durable and undisputed.
Since it was given, you can only delay recognizing it.
Any delay, however, will bar your recognizing His Presence in your mind
for generations.

God, being the Source of wholeness, is in everything.

You can delay your recognition,
but you can also save and be saved in your consent to know
the idea of wholeness.

And this is where we will go in this learning journey.
Arrival is guaranteed, as is healing and peace.
Salvation will be the result of this our consent.
I call on you, my brothers, to join together for the journey
to change awareness by knowing all that is.

Miracles are natural.
His Thought is one,
and one are you in it.”

Yeshua the Nazarene Teaching
Conveyed by Women of PEace Heaven and Earth

June 26th -July 2nd 2022


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