Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth
Peace to all the peoples on Earth
Peace in the mind of the holy Sons of God
Peace to the land
Peace in your dwellings
Peace in your minds
Peace in your halls

And you knew in your generosity the House of your Father
Who calls you to return,
Because this is your gift to Him.
And you heard His call
To reawaken anew to His Love
And you gave your consent.

This is the time for peace.
This is the time in which you give your consent anew.
Now is the time in which all the minds will open to the Heavens.
And a blessing will envelope the holy mind of the Son of God.
As one you will return to His House.
One you are in His Light.
One in His Holiness.

Unite your sight and look upon the Earth from above.
Because the Peace of God requests to be delivered.
In every place on the face of the Earth.

Unite your sight with His Sight.
Because in the light the whole world is seen enveloped in His Love.
His Serenity deliver from the one Mind.
The serenity will envelope the whole planet.

Messengers of light and grace
Cast a prayer on this day.
It is in the power of our one united mind to heal all the minds.
Please be in one prayer
And peace has come to the Earth.

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