Preparations for “Beit Hamidrash”

Preparations for “Beit Hamidrash”-(The House of Study)

My messenger, my beloved,
Pray on our lands
And bring our peace on
This place that I send you to.
My messenger, my beloved,
Please be there three days, pray
And bless our lands.

In this place the Holy Spirit will descend
And envelope your mind with the light of love and holiness.
The light of God Himself
Rejoicing in His sons and daughters.
In this place we will know that “Beit Hamidrash” has opened to all who come to its gates.
Their mind is open to receive my instruction blessedly.
And all who come to its gates request peace.
And all who come to its gates give their consent to know the Peace of God.

Pray my messenger and send out a mighty call.
Together we will celebrate our consent
To be the light and to know His Light,
Because to His Light we are walking.

My brothers and sisters,
Messengers of light and love
Come with your consent
Please be one in the bringing of the message of peace.
Please be one in the Holy Studies.
The Torah of love we will learn.
Please be one with your consent.

My messenger, my beloved,
There will be those who love the way of the Torah, pilgrims
From all corners of the Earth.
There will be those blessed in the way of love blessed in peace.
There will be messengers of the way of love
One in their mission because they hear my call.
They know their mission is to bring peace.
To increase grace and goodness and joy in their home and in their communities.
My messenger, Please send out my call on this day, for all of us to unite in one love.
Send out my call to the people who dwell in the countries of the world.
“Beit Hamidrash” is open to everyone,
So that they will unite with us in their mind.
In our opening its gates, we will all unite in one holiness.
My messenger, my beloved,
My instruction is one to all the minds.
“Beit Hamidrash” is open.
It has neither walls nor roof.
Beit Hamidrash is open
To all Earth dwellers who wish for peace to their mind.
One is “beit Hamidrash” for all His sons and daughters whoever they are.
One entire Sonship asking to return home in peace.
My messenger, my beloved,
Please send out my call.
The world will know that we return as one
And we will all unite in one love.

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