The Passover offering is for the Lord

The Passover offering is for the Lord
And you held onto the horns of the altar
And light ascends from it.
Because there is no offering that we must sacrifice.
On the altar we deliver our love.
We are sanctified in His Light and we are filled with His Love.
His peace prevails on us.
Our love is received with joy in His Mind.
He knows us in our holiness.
We will sanctify this altar with our love.
And God will know His Son with His Love for him.

This is our feast.
We will make the blessing over the wine, and we will make the blessing over the bread.
And over all the goodness of the earth and its fruit.
The Holy Grail will be dedicated
To all those who are not with us in body
And are present with their love.
Our mothers and our fathers
Our teachers, our brothers and sisters, our saviors, our redeemers,
Who illuminate our way for us with their love.

I know you with my love
Your eldest brother,
Is holding out his hands to you
Greeting you with the blessing of peace.
You, who are giving your consent
To bring peace and light and salvation to every mind.
I bless your hands,
My light shines through you,
And bless with the blessing of our Father’s love.
The blessing of His one love on your heads.
Rejoice my beloved ones brother in his brother.
Sister in her sister.
And present the gift of prayer,
The blessing of healing,
Our one holiness,
The peace of God.
Refresh your heart
Because your deeds are good on this day.
To one freedom we set forth,
With our consent to be the one light on the face of the earth.
My beloved brothers and sisters
Please be in peace
I bless you for your consent.

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