The teaching plans

The teaching plans are actually one plan, divided into seven chapters.
Obviously, the whole teaching plan is peace,
and therefore the teaching of peace must be as practical as possible in order to enable all minds to accept it quickly and effectively, while using it as the demonstration of the teaching of peace.
This I tried to provide in the Workbook For Students,
However, now the actions of peace must be done at once on order to save all of the minds from a way of thinking opposed to the Truth of God,
and so divergent, that actions are needed to bring peace on earth quickly and efficiently.
This is why I divided the teaching into sections, each one easy to use for immediately changing the perception of everything.

Studies of Love – This is the longest plan, but I have said that it is necessary
to relearn the Torah and understand it in the Mind of God, as it was conveyed.
This serves to cancel the split that was created mistakenly between the two religions, both based on the wrong understanding of the relationship between the Father and His Son.
This program must be learned in full, and my messengers are trained to deliver it to the earth.

Communication with God – is a plan to bring peace to the split mind that does not remember its natural capability for direct communication with the Creator.
This ability, basic as it may be, is hidden in the mind of the Son, who is able to know his Father only in his own perception.
And how could he know what to do and what to say, if this channel of communication is blocked to him?
Would he be able to be in his mission on the earth without knowing for certain what he must do?
The purpose of this plan is to teach open-mindedness.

The Transition – is a teaching plan for accompanying the transition from the body, and healing the wrong perception about shedding the body.
Obviously, the sons of the earth must assist in the transition from the body, as Heaven and earth are united in one purpose. And how could the children of the earth overcome forgetting their home, if not by a gentle reminder, precisely at the moment of transition, which is the way of peace from the earth to Heaven?

Gate to Heaven – is the quickest and most practical plan for the Son to know himself and his Father as he passes on the earth while in his mission.
The quick awakening to the reality of the Father by conveying His One Peace, His Holiness and Love, are the key to understanding that the Son is united with Him since the moment of his creation.
Nothing was denied him, but he must wake up to his own light and his own reality, that is one, by understanding that he is united with his Father.
This plan is basic and necessary for all the sons of God, and, being precise and practical, it is the key to speedy awakening.

The Miracle Workers

The Realization of Healing – This plan deals with healing the Prodigal Son’s perception of the function of the body and its use.
For there have been many wrong uses of the body, and infinite expressions of sickness and distorted thought.
Therefore it is given to him to know the purpose of the body, its use and its healing, which is the result of healing wrong thinking.
The realization of healing is the first plan of the teaching of The Miracle Workers.

Miracles in Thought – This is the second part of the teaching that has not yet been conveyed, and will deal with forgiveness as a tool for bringing peace by way of a change in the system of perception.
This subject was learned in depth in A Course in Miracles, but the change of perception lies in consent only.
Miracles will be the result of this simple consent.

One – The final plan of my teaching at this time.
It will be conveyed at the appointed time, when the minds are able to welcome it.

The seven plans bundled together.
The teaching of peace by Yeshua the Nazarene.
The key to awakening.

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