Inspiration Guidance

by Yehonatan Bar-Ilan

״Inspiration is the point of contact
between the mind and the Infinite״

Training our mind to master Inspiration,
to have instant connection on-demand

8 online sessions, every Monday from Jan 3rd
20:00 – 21:30 Jerusalem time – Limited spots
430 Euros
+972 545299449

Here are Yeshua’s words
Children of light,

my brothers and sisters
who search for a way
to the source of inspiration,
this teaching is for you
and for your sake.
Please accept knowing
the possibility of connecting
to the source of inspiration,
in the understanding that one Source,
which projects on all of the minds,
cannot have mistakes in it,
nor interruption in the continuity
of transmitting the Divine ideas.
If this is not understood,
or incorrectly understood,
learning it can be completed simply.
All you have to do is
give your consent to know this.
Nothing more is needed.
I shall be your guide on the way,
as you listen to my teaching.
Yehonatan Bar Ilan is who
will convey my teaching,
in his understanding of mysterious ways.
A gift from Heaven,
and blessings to those who do the work.

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