Blessing of the Tribes

This blessing is will take place at Judean Desert,
At 12:12 Jerusalem Time – for 36 minutes.
Please Join us!

Here are Yeshua The Nazarene words for today:

“My daughter, write down my blessing:

The Blessing of the Tribes
is the blessing of Heaven,
to bless the peoples of nations.
May all the tribes come and unite in one blessing.
May all the tribes come and be blessed with His Love,
for God blessed all of His Children.
May all the tribes come, and blessing will descend upon the earth
as I bless you this day with the blessing of peace.

The blessing of each tribe is a blessing of peace.

Peace on earth.
Peace in the waters.
Peace among the inhabitants of the nations.
Peace to the plants.
Peace among the animals of the earth,
the birds and the fishes in the seas.
Peace to the Glories of Heaven.
Peace to the temples of holiness.
Peace to the depths of the seas and the various skies.
Peace in the mind that asks for peace, knowing Heaven.
Peace in the minds of the slumbering in deep sleep.
Peace, for the earth shall know peace in His Song.
The peace of Heaven is one.

May all tribes come and unite in His Love,
and sing a song of praise, the song of His Holiness.
God blesses all of the tribes with peace,
as they sit as one in His House.
And from the Judean Hills will they come out to dance,
while the light shines to illuminate in glittering glow.
And all the tribes of Jah will praise and sing,
for God has blessed them, Hallelujah.
The blessing of the tribes will then rise up high,
to the height of the sky, as Temples to eternity.
And it will be heard and echo in all of the nations,
to announce the Sound of His Fanfare
and His Blessing forever.”

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