The Fund for the Dissemination of Peace Teaching

Peace Of Heaven שלום השמים

My daughter, please write down my words. My instructions will be given one by one:

Tell Sarat Hashalom that she is to concentrate her energy on fundraising.
The Fund for the Dissemination of Peace Teaching will be established immediately.
It is to be under the name of the Foundation.
You are to raise funds, because the cost of disseminating my teaching is greater than the possibility of your income from teaching.
The fundraising will be done by those who love me and know me,
and devote their work on earth to the need for bringing peace.
The pure of heart, the serene in their work, those who know Heaven
and want peace for their brothers, who walk the earth with them.
They will reach out to heads of communities and leaders who know peace.
To the women leaders who know their mission and the women’s mission at this time.
My teaching will be disseminated to all.
You must make sure the funds are found so that the teaching of peace will reach every mind that wishes to know peace.

I, Yeshua the Nazarene,
have come at this time to instill their mission in those who love me.
To increase good and grace and peace on the earth.
To change wrong perceptions that have dictated wrong life stories
in the name of my teaching.
I am here to carry out my mission so that my brothers know
that I came with my love,
and did not sacrifice anything for their sake,
but rather carried them with me to the Gate of Heaven,
to be one in the Love of He Who has sent me.
May the created agree to accept His Words of Love.
And I, their carrier, will be your brother and savior.
Do what you must do.
This is the time for peace on earth.
Heaven and earth are one.


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