A Course in Miracles was only the beginning

A Course in Miracles was only the beginning.
My children, I call upon you to wake up.
A Key to Awakening, is me calling to you: wake up!
At no other time is my teaching conveyed.
The time is now.
The world cries out for peace.
The minds cry out to wake up.
The Sonship cries out to unite in His Love.
For there is no time left
in which the perception of separation will keep hold
of the separate minds,
and imprison His Children in beliefs and wars.

Come, present yourselves now.
For you know
that the crucified Son cannot continue
to sacrifice himself forever in your minds,
while songs of praise and thanksgiving are on your soft lips,
while your backs break under the burden of guilt.

My children, please hear my call.
The time is now.
The Sonship has awakened from its long sleep.
For your savior has come to unite with you
in the consciousness of Christ.

Please hear my call and come.
The Truth of God lies in everything.

And you, my children, know that as you say yes,
brother will know his brother,
to wake up together at this time.

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