Prayer from Jerusalem on 18 July 2021

On this day will our prayer be raised up from the sacred city.
On this day it will be raised up and will open the Gates of Heaven.
Let us unite in one prayer, a prayer of peace.
May the waters rise and break through the dry lands.
May the land be filled with all good herbs and edible fruits.
May all animals of the sand and the desert be directed in ways of peace,
animals of the water and the land, and the birds of the skies,
and the fowls and the insects and the reptiles,
and all the species walk in peace as they were created.
And the sons of the earth will walk in peace, for in peace were they created in His Image.
As He said, they will be filled with life and multiply upon the earth,
and increase their good deeds and their marvels, for their thought is good at all times.
And the earth will be filled with glory and splendor and majesty,
mirroring the thought that they thought with Him in their love.
The Creation circles, its glory revolves.
Present in all is His Love, that knows no end.

And you, my pure, innocent children,
were reborn at this moment to bless with love the Creation and its ascents.
To bless brother to brother,
sister to sister,
to bless your unity with Him.
We will not turn back,
for at this moment Creation has risen, and was created again in our One Thought.
Created anew in the way of peace.
In the way of blessing and joy.
And our ascents that know it as our Father knew it in His Thought
will raise it up with us to the Gate of Heaven,
and be created anew at every moment, in our love.

My good children,
lay grace and kindness to bless it and be blessed by it.
Know but good as I lead you on the path of peace.

My children,
this day all Creation was created in love,
to mend broken pieces of thought that were forgotten by your holy mind.
Peace, peace, peace and blessings,
and endless joy will descend on the earth.
And all those who slumber will awaken at once, to be blessed with the Blessing of Heaven.
Blessings, blessings, blessings and peace,
and endless joy will descend on the earth.
And I shall bless you, my children, with peace.

The Prayer will begin at 21:00 Jerusalem time.

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