Ceremony of the earth

Encircle the earth, encircle the earth and bless it
with the seven species of the earth.
Encircle and bless it with the yield of the earth.
(wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive oil, and date.)

Bless the earth and encircle it,
heal it by saying that this earth will be forgiven, to make peace among its dwellers.
At its feet lay wreaths of roses that it grew with great vigor,
to beautify it and feed its crops.

Bless it with all its goodness
as you sit upon it to glorify it.
Make sure no sound of sorrow is heard in your hearts.

Heal it with your breath,
with your great spirit.

Heal it with your pure thoughts, the privilege, that accompanies but light and peace.
Put your trust in it and know it, for it was meant to heal Creation.

And the earth that cries out for healing,
heal it as you know that which it was created for.
And all the blood spilt in it – clear water.
And all the rivers of hostility, hatred and rage
will at once turn into songs of praise and rivers of joy.

Heal the earth as you encircle it.
Encircle it seven times and bless it with a song of praise,
with the light of its species and its yields.
And the earth shall know peace and healing, as it yearned for them.

Turn, daughters, and dance the song of the earth,
and I, from above, will know in your one mind
that peace is in its clods.

*Shira saw the roses white.

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