Prayer for peace

From the hallowed city the light will rise and wash the minds of those who sleep.
All those who slumber, who dream, who bear ideas of sin, of guilt, and of punishment.
The fearful, the weary, those who stray in the dark.
It will light everything, and wash false thoughts from all minds.
And everything will fade in the Light of God.
And blessing will descend to the earth,
and the earth will be healed of the burden of hardship and pain, quarrel and strife.
And water will rise from the wells.
Underground water will rise and run, and quench the thirst of the earth.

And peace will be known in all nations.
For the days of peace are nearing,
when His Children will unite in His Love.
And all deadly foes will see in His benevolence,
and all dreamers will awaken from their troubled sleep,
for peace will come to the earth.
My children, pray one prayer,
a prayer of peace.

I thank You, God,
for all the good You have given in my world.
For the grace of creation that You Created with Love,
for me, Your Son, who knows You in peace.

I shall unite with You, Father.
I shall know Your Holiness and my own.
In the One Mind did You Create me, and I shall know peace as my heritage.
My Father, thank you for all my brothers who walk at my side,
who chose my peace at this time, when all time gathers into one.
Thank You, my Father, for your Gifts, Your Honesty, Your Love.
Thank You for letting me know You now, in my consent.
Bless and praise the good Name.
Bless His Might, the glory of his Actions.
My brothers: bless, and we will be blessed.
Bless the Glory of His Name in peace.

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