You are called for peace

My children, sons and daughters of all countries and all nations,
please hear my call on this day:

I, Yeshua the Nazarene, call upon you to wake up.
The dream has been dreamed for too long.
The illusion of time and bodies takes its place in separating your awareness from the Knowledge of God, from the One Mind.

My children,
In these times you are called for peace.
The Peace of God is placed in your One Mind for safekeeping,
but there are actions that need to be done from the memory of His ancient Peace,
present forever in your One Mind as the promise of peace for His One Son.

My children, wake up to the knowledge of His Peace.
Give your consent to know Him in peace.
Give your consent to awaken from the nightmare living in your separated minds.
Give your consent to know His Son in peace.

Fear not, my children,
my call is tidings of peace.
A state of conflict will no longer be kept in a mind that wants healing.
And I will deliver my teaching in order to ease your steps upon the earth.
One consent is needed this day,
sung by all:

I shall know God on my way.
I deliver His one Peace,
His Holiness and His Love.

Go with this consent written upon the table of your hearts.
And with this consent, please welcome my teaching.
I shall lighten your steps and light your way,
so that peace will descend on the earth.
My blessed students,
be in peace.

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