Peace in your holy minds


Peace in your minds,
Peace in your holy minds,
peace in everything.

The knowledge of sinlessness will be present in your minds.
Bless, my brothers, bless and praise His Name.
Bless, my brothers, the abundance of the earth.
Upon this earth, which He gave with love to serve all of His Children,
they lash out and wrestle and groan and plunder and pierce and murder mindlessly.
And in the beauty of its glory it groans under their heavy load, that does not know it in peace.

Remember, my brothers, that you are guests in this body,
brothers from Home who came down to do good to the earth and its inhabitants, and to teach the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
Remember, my brothers, and remind that all those who walk the earth are guests, passers-by, on His behalf, and on His Mission to bring peace upon the earth.
And all quarrel and strife and rulership constitute the total forgetfulness of the function of the Son, who came down with the gospel of peace on his lips.

My beloved, do not know the reality of the destruction,
for the Son of God made separated kingdoms in his worship of the lands that were laid down in order to serve him here.
As one were they laid down, so that the Son would know peace as he passes on his way,
and would step barefoot over the threshold of peace, on the earth.

Know not war, my brothers, for peace is in your minds, and you must keep it in every thought and action.
Please unite in one prayer, in which the world will know that God Is in everything and His Love is in everything.

Stop the separation in your minds,
unite your thought with Him, and carry His blessing and His Peace to the earth.
“Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more,” in the words of the prophet who knew peace.

My brothers, unite in one prayer.
Hold in your minds the knowledge of peace,
and it will stop and silence everything.
Know peace, my brothers,
know peace.
Lay at His Feet wreaths of thanksgiving,
for you know Him.
And I shall be one with you in pure prayer.
For I knew the Son who walks the earth, I knew him to the full.
And now, my assistance is offered from Heaven, to reconcile the minds
and bring peace to the earth.

Unite, my brothers, in one prayer.
This is the power of your consent.
And His Blessing will rest in everything.
At once will peace return, and take its place on earth.
Chant and sing songs of Praise to Heaven,
that I will lay gently on your lips.
Sing, and know that the Truth of Heaven is in all.

Words of Yeshua the Nazarene.

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