The Journey

My daughter, I shall instruct you about the journey.
The journey must take place on time, the 18th of May.
The journey will last five days.
It will begin in Jerusalem.
Be at the prayer center called The Church of the Holy Sepulchre no later than six o’clock in the morning.
Gather together there, and from there will begin the journey of healing,
that is none other than a journey of changing perception and vision to the point of complete healing.

It is not possible that His Children walk the earth believing in sickness and death.
It is not possible that they know not the power of healing that is in everything.
It is not possible that they cease, and believe that the extinction of the body is a real threat to the eternal Truth of God,
and that the healing offered to all is no longer more possible than the situation perceived by you as death.

In this place I shall teach you about the possibility of healing carried out in the Mind that knows peace.
Find a place where you can learn my teaching without disturbance.
In deep prayer ask for the realization of healing in all.
One healed mind has the power to save the whole world from suffering,
and I shall carry your prayers to know the healing that is in all.

On the next day pass through the Garden of Remembrance.
Gather all the names into the net of light.
There will be no more grief and sorrow,
for to the passing was given joyfully the Kingdom of Heaven, in which they serve those walking the earth.
And as they do not see this, they cannot know the free Son of God.
To serve in Heaven and on earth in peace
is one and the same.
The healing is realized in the net of light
and it echoes in the incarnations of ancient times.

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