June 6th 2021 Journey of Healing

Here did my feet walk in the caves of the past.
The feet of the poet that walked gently.
Endlessly did I go and spoke poetry, saying words of peace and blessing from His Name and none other.
And I, so small, wandered, a child of His Children, barefoot amongst His barefoot, and artless, and His Hymn coming from my mouth.
I came down to sing His Sayings
and chant His Love,
for Who Else would know the hidden things of His Son’s heart?
And I glorified His Name so that His Children, my brothers, may know this hymn.
Splendor, magnificence, and glory the Kingdom of His Name.
The splendor of His Holiness, steeped in all.
The splendor of His Glory shining in all things.
And I knew my way, for not only did I speak poetry, but healed with my love.
A throne did I prepare for those who walk in the dust,
for those who trample all sprout and insect.
For the forgetful, the blind, the groaning, those who cry out their suffering.
And I knew the way.
For to heal all these did I come.
To restore their strength and souls,
to reconcile their minds,
to heal their bodies and pain
and their belief in the perishable.
Again I knew that the Truth of God is in my words and my thoughts,
and that I could not teach them until they deign to change their minds permanently.
For in this did I lay my trust, knowing my Father,
and it could not be otherwise.
And now, go on your way for the second time,
to know the might of healing,
to know the peace that is in all,
His Power that maintains all things.
Go for the second time and take with you but light provisions for the body,
that needs very little for its existence when inspired.
Entrust your minds in my hands, for healing must happen beyond the world.
You hearts will lighten and be joyous in nothing but this.
I shall convey my teaching to bring peace and healing to the world.
The body will no longer feel its burden,
but rather feel freed from the dictations and small follies of the world.
Of itself will it rise to carry the Spirit that Reigns in the Authorities of Heaven,
craving but to perform the service proper to the Son of Heaven who walks upon the earth.
Go forth on your journey,
the healing will be achieved at once.

I am here to teach you of the power of healing.
Carry a blessing from me and peace from the Temples of Heaven.
Healing is much needed on the earth,
and thought has the power to heal.
Your knowledge is needed.
I shall call upon the Name of God to accompany you on the way,
for the blessing comes from Him.
And I, His Messenger, will do as He has instructed me
to bring peace and blessing and healing to the earth.
6 June 2021.

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