What I feared has come upon me

My beloved daughter,
I will deliver to you, words of love to your mind.
And my instruction.
Everything that you need to know, I will deliver.

Kind and beautiful is Miriam among women,
Kind and beautiful,
The kindest and most beautiful of all the daughters of the tribe of Judah.
“What I feared has come upon me,” she said,
And fled from the house to the desert,
There I found her, lying on the ground, injured,
And I gathered her to me.
I brought water to her lips
And my hands stroked her face.
And in the cave we remained for six days, and six months, and six years.
We remained there and we read the Torah.
We cast our prayer to the Heavens.
And at the end of that time, we left the cave,
And passing on our way, we knew God.
And our daughter was born there –Esther Naamah.

Know my daughter, what transpired while I was in a body.
That is how peace will come to the false ideas about my paths.
My daughter, my messenger
Please do what you need to do.
Please deliver my words.
The Sonship is waiting to receive with love
The one who walks before It, while his face is turned up to the Heavens.
Holy Son of God.
One in his holiness with the entire Sonship that shines with light.
One am I with all my brothers and sisters.
One am I with you as I lead you to the joyful awakening.
One am I with you in the endless joy in which God the Father created all His Sons and daughters with His Love.
Please deliver my words, my daughter,
Know my story,
Because I am he who walks before you with my instruction,
And I perform miracles with my knowing the peace of God.
One is He, and to His Light we walk with love that has the ability to heal all things.
Know my daughter, that my instruction to you is one.
Miracles will lead the way,
Because it is the way of light and love in all things.
Peace has come on Earth with your knowing the peace of God.
His one peace is what is delivered from me to your mind, to unite the whole Sonship in His Love.
My messenger,
Please deliver my words.

In English: Job chapter 13, verse 2
….and watch all my paths””

Miriam – is Mary Magdalene

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