You Remember the Way and Know the House

My children, my brothers and sisters, please hear my call to you on this day.
Please hear my call to you to awaken to my light.
Children of light, treading softly, with bare feet, on desert soil.
Casting their eyes to the Heavens.
Children of light, treading softly
And a prayer for peace echos in their one mind.

The children of light,
I call to you to return and to walk together.
You remember the way,
And know the house.
I call to you on this day
To return and unite in the teaching of one peace,
That is delivered to you so that you will know me,
So that you will remember that the way is one
Which we walk on together, to the house of Our Father.
And our brothers and sisters wait to know their light that reflects in our light.
To know their innocence because we are innocent.
To know their holiness because we are holy.
To know the one peace of God.
One for everyone. Without distinction.
Children of light, please accept my teaching with love.
Accept me blessedly as a savior,
Because all my teaching to you is peace.
And know that I live in your mind.
And my words of love I deliver to you
And I gently awaken the peace of God in your slumbering mind,
Reminders of light, softly glowing
And my light is reflected in your eyes.
And a brother recognizes his own light in the light of his brother,
And they unite as one.
Children of light, my brothers and sisters,
This is the time for peace.
This is the time for the entire Sonship to unite.
This is the time when my love will descend and be received with a blessing,
Because I am returning to you.
And one prayer for peace will echo in all the minds
And the entire creation will unite in light.
And we say Amen.

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