Sunday Prayer – Colleges in Spain and Israel

My daughter,
please give my love to all my brothers.
Tell them that we meet again at this time.
A brother recognized the face of the Messiah in his brother’s face,
and you have given me your consent.
For I am who leads you in the one way.
The way of peace.
My messengers (men and women) on earth,
be you one with me in your consent.
This is a time of peace in which the entire Sonship shall give its consent.
And you shall be a shining star in the dark.
Your hands interlocked like twined beams of light, glowing afar, indicating the way.
See how all symbols of fear and pain fade away in your consent.
The Son of God is taken off the cross and together you share a simple truth in which all mistakes are forgiven at once.
And the crown of thorns turns into a king’s crown, and bright light shines from it, the Light of God that surrounds the holy Son’s head in the brightness of the Kingdom of Heaven.
My brothers, know me.
It is I who calls to you to be One in the temples of Heaven.
It is I who calls to you to awaken together to His Light, to know His Love and His Peace.
My brothers on earth, walk together in the path of Light.
Thanks from Heaven is offered for your consent to unite at this time.
And in your recognition of the way, and of your brothers who walk with you, know that peace is in your mission.

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