Yeshua Prayer for Healing The Corona Virus

“My messengers,
The Corona virus hurts the body –
It has nothing to do with spirit.
All those who carry the virus in their bodies – envelop with light.
See how the mantle of light melts away all fear.
See how the rays of light are sent from Heaven to Earth,
To envelop and heal and cease the spread of attack thoughts and the need for defense.
Strengthen the spirit by acknowledging that there is no death and the Son of God is free from the tribulations of this body.
Know that in the empowerment of the spirit and the recognition of the unlimited strength of God, which is the driving force behind it,
There is no possibility for hurt.
The body will respond to the call for healing, in the knowledge of the mind, of the strength of God to heal all things.
Please be one in your knowledge of this and deliver the strength of healing to your brothers and sisters, who walk on the Earth,
So they will know the strength of healing in their mind.
Blessings from Heaven to you, who answer my call,
To bring light and peace on Earth.”

The words of Yeshua.

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