Stopping the Madness

My daughter,
A mind going around in circles cannot know the truth.
This is why our one mission is essential at this time.
These words are delivered to your mind.

In order to stop the madness you must recognize that madness is a thought form of fear and attack.
The attempt to control by sowing thoughts of fear and terror can easily trick a small frightened mind.
Fear of annihilation will set in motion actions of fear, whose cover story is protecting the body.
Actions coming from thoughts of fear cannot stop the madness, but only increase it,
since the belief in the temporary and the perishable increases the fear, and no salvation will be found in the circle of terror.
Fictitious gains in the world of fear will only keep increasing the sick way of thinking with which the small mind is stricken as it creates the communication of fear and control.
All minds must be addressed with a sane approach.

It seems that the reason for fear is the Coronavirus, but it is nothing but the result of a thought system ruled by fear and attack and the desire to control a world of perishable bodies.
My daughter,
I appear now in order to be of assistance lest the stories of the small mind annihilate the whole Creation.
Of course there is no reality in the perishability of the material. In the consciousness of the eternal, however, it is important to immediately stop such a destructive way of thinking, a way of thinking that can lead the memory of the Peace of God to stop throbbing in the minds of His Children, and His Call to be left unheard in the One Mind.
My daughter,
The Creation is in need of salvation by increasing and echoing the quiet and sane Call of the Voice for God to the minds of His Children.
The healing of Creation will be the result of the healing of the Mind and the relinquishing of thoughts of fear, down to the last one.
Gains in the material world and the bodies in it must vanish from consciousness because the attractive power of guilt, that expresses itself in the neverending attempt to control, is what will bring the annihilation and destruction that will be seen by the split mind dwelling in perpetual darkness.

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