chain of light

“My messengers, be serene.
Your work will become easy, but many actions are necessary for peace at this time.
Each one, from his or her home, in their circles and families, make a chain of light, one link by one,
a covering that encircles the inhabitants of all countries, the animals, the plants, the water and the soil.
Join together and transmit the light.
Envelop in light all that asks for healing.
Unite in One Mind, in one knowledge of the power of healing, and the love in everything.
Be one in light.
There are no differences between His holy Children.
There are no differences in His Love.
One Light shines from all minds.
My daughter, send out my call.
Be a chain of light that encircles the whole Creation.
Your unity will prevent the spreading of the plague of fear, and the madness will be stopped.
Strengthen the spirit.
Know the light.
Be one in One Mind that is all peace.
Enough of separation.
This is the time for peace.
This is the time when an end comes to thoughts of fear and sacrifice.
This is the time for all minds to awaken to the One Light, and give their consent to know the truth.
For the Son of God is free.
Released from guilt, suffering, and sacrifice.
Free forever in the knowledge of his sinlessness.
Happy in the Love of his Father.
Happy with his brothers, who are one with him.
Be one and pray a pure prayer, a prayer of peace.
And the Light of Creation shall be one,
Glowing and shining
in never-ending
spotlessness and joy,
radiating the Peace of God in light.

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