The One teaching and A Course in Miracles

My child, holy daughter of God,
Be you in gratitude,
Be you in forgiveness,
Be you in serenity.
My words are conveyed to your mind when you clear your thoughts.
Do not worry about the way things will happen.
The things of the world cannot thwart a divine plan, for it was set as one in all minds, and does not match the separate whims of the small mind.
You cannot estimate the feasibility of the teaching of Heaven, which is delivered precisely and simply in great detail. The small mind is incapable of estimating and measuring how God’s plan for salvation and peace will work on the whole Creation.
For the healing of the mind, only the consent to pass on the teaching of Heaven to earth is needed.
Any judgement of the way it will take its place in the consciousness of the One mind is not possible.
My daughter, please be calm.
As I convey to you, please convey to the earth.

The teaching of Heaven is conveyed for the purpose of bringing peace.
It is the teaching of God, the teaching of peace.
One for all His Children on earth.
It is a peace teaching for the uniting of all minds in the understanding that the peace of God rests in the One Mind, and this is what His Children must convey in order to accept it as an eternal idea in their knowledge.
The teaching of peace is conveyed now.
Now is the time.
Accept my teaching into your minds.
It is the teaching you wish to know in order to bring peace to a straying mind that asks for salvation.
Please accept my teaching, delivered now to all His Children wandering in the dark.
‘The Transition Teaching’
‘Communication with God’
‘Teachings of One – Studies of Love’
‘Miracle Workers’,
and ‘One’.
These are the curriculums conveyed now for the healing of all minds in the shortest time possible.
A Course in Miracles is an extremely valuable learning aid, as it presents a universal theoretical foundation as well as practical exercises to train the mind to bring peace, and for the Son of God to know Himself and his Father.
The purpose of teaching the consents at this time is to shorten the time, since it is impossible to rely on a learning aid so profound and so lengthy.

At this time the teaching of consents that I gave you under the title The Gate to Heaven will help you, and is the quickest, immediate, shortest way to achieve a state of unity of mind and the knowledge of peace.
The purpose of my teaching, that is delivered now, is to shorten the time, and therefore you, my students who wish for peace, can have recourse to it and bless others with it as you convey the peace of God to your brethren who walk the earth.
In order to receive my teaching in your minds, consent is needed. This consent must be given quickly for the benefit of spreading my teaching to the entire Sonship.
The teaching of peace is one for all.
There are no differences in His Sons and Daughters.
The Son of God is One.
In his mind peace will come.
Peace in Heaven.
Peace on earth.
Peace to the creatures of His Love.
Peace and serenity in everything.

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