Messengers of God

Your walking on the earth is a state of grace in which the knowledge of Heaven is possible on earth.
The Peace of God is conveyed to the earth by His Children who walk the earth.
Yet the state of Heaven is kept in the minds of His Creatures, whether they choose to know this or not, but the knowledge of the mission on earth is important to the Son of God who comes to make peace.
To what purpose did he put himself in a limited, separated body such as this?
For he could have stayed in the infinite expanse, in a state where knowledge is the only existing thing, in which the Son is united with the Father, resting forever in His Love.
He came down to earth to caress the unseeing eyes of all his brothers.
And once he laid himself inside a body, his awakened Mind fell asleep and was preserved as the memory of Peace in Heaven, to convey to the earth the Love of Father, and to gently awaken and rouse all of the sleeping minds.
Down came the Messengers of God to the earth one by one by one,
came down to the earth to speak the tidings of peace.
And what is the short life of the perishable body?
It is nothing at all.
The tidings of peace descend to bless with the Love of the Father.
Time after time do His Children come, to bear the tidings of peace.
To awaken all the brothers from the terror of the dream in which they are separated from the Father.
To bear the tidings of Heaven to earth.
Time after time a brother remembers for all his brothers that they came from Heaven.
Time after time one brother knows peace for all of his brothers.
And when he forgets, the Voice for God will gently awaken in his mind the Love of Heaven.
Time after time do the messengers unite but for a moment in the knowledge of peace,
and in the next, God’s Truth is gone from their minds.
My messengers, the time has come for the great remembering.
The time has come for the healing of the dream.
For the gladdening rousing, the reawakening to the knowledge of God.
The time has come for the messengers of God to know the mission they have chosen for themselves at this time,
for the knowledge of Heaven shines in their minds,
and they came to bring peace.

God’s messengers who walk the earth will unite in their recognition of their mission.
There is not one of His Children who is not His Messenger.
There is not one of His Children who cannot represent Him.
There is not one of His Children in whose mind His one Peace is not placed.
However, consent is needed to know that in his mission, the Son walks the earth to bring peace.
And all his actions are actions of peace when he gives his consent to follow Him,
to listen to the Voice for God that will show the way in great detail,
in order to increase good and peace and grace on earth.
To gently awaken the sleeping minds to their one mission,
so that all His Children will unite in one peace
until they come to the Gate of Heaven.

I, Yeshua the Nazarene,
convey to you words of love and peace,
guide the messengers of God
and light the way for them.
For we have come to bring peace on the earth,
to reconcile all the minds,
to heal the Creation
and to be of assistance
until the Sonship awakens as one to the knowledge of peace.
And you, my brothers, have recourse to me and my teaching,
which I have brought to you, to use in order to heal the minds and know Heaven.
The time is now.
You who hear my call,
this is the time to wake up and bring peace, knowing the Peace of God.
Be you in peace, my brothers.
With blessings do I send you on your mission.
My call echoes in all the minds that cry for peace.
Be you the bearers of the tidings of peace.
Peace in Heaven.
Peace on earth.
The Peace of God is one.

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