The Destruction of the Temple

I walk on the paths of a ravaged land,

On dirt roads.

I walk and see the fire of destruction rising from the home.

I see that all the holy objects have been pillaged, desecrated, destroyed and smashed.

And I know that nothing has been desecrated.

And I know that the House of God is intact.

I see the anguish of the destruction, and the pain of the pillaging.

And I know that there is love in all things.

My beloved brothers,

Will you allow the eyes of the body to lead you astray?

Will you allow the eyes of the body to tell you of the horrors of the world?

Will you allow the eyes of the body to determine the fate of a brother?

In the days of pillaging, killing, destruction and bereavement,

We will know God in His love.

This is the time for peace.

This is the time for reconciliation.

This is the time when we invite ourselves to see,

That the vision of the body is but nothing.

With the eyes of the messiah we will look upon the world,

And we will ask for peace.

And we will grant the peace of God to each and every one.

This is the time to awaken with joy to our home which is intact, because it was never destroyed.

At this time, the joyful awakening is beating in your mind.

At this time, the gates will open and you will flock with a great blessing to His gate.

Your Father, is the One who awaits your return.

I deliver the words of love, so that the whole Sonship will  know  that peace has come.


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